Dental Network & Plan Design

At Coastal Dental our goal is to promote good dental health by providing the membership access to programs that promote the highest quality, service and value.

Providers in Your Area

Search Dentists

Administrative Services

Customizable Indemnity Dental Plans

Large Number of Contracted Dentists, Including Specialists

Credentialed Dentists

Network Throughout California

No Cost Value to the Trust Fund

Membership Access to Quality Care

Create, Implement, and Customize Indemnity Dental Plans

Coordinate and Administer Provider Contracts

Dedicated Customer Service Department

Third Party Administrator Services

Retiree Discount Dental Plan

Specifically for Union Members Only

Low Annual Membership Access Fee ($35/year per Individual)

NO Claims to File

NO Waiting Periods

NO Deductibles or Maximums

NO Limits on Number of Visits

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