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In 1977, Dr. Edwynn Edgar Schroeder, D.D.S., M.S., ABO was approached by several unions that were struggling with the solvency of their in-house dental plans. Drawing on new ideas and years of experience, Dr. Schroeder was able to create successful dental plans for the unions, and, in 1978, Western Dental Plan Management (Coastal Dental) was born. The creation of Coastal Dental turned Dr. Schroeder’s vision for promoting oral health into reality by giving patients access to a membership program that would provide them with the highest quality, service, and value.

In 2002, after several decades of success and expansion, Dr. Schroeder asked his two sons, Neil and Sam Schroeder, to get involved in the business. The Schroeder brothers were innovators and began developing new dental plans for unions. They forged relationships with the Teamsters, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Bakery and Confectionery Workers of Southern California, providing union members with exceptional service and dental care.

From its 42 years of experience, Coastal Dental has developed a best in the industry model that consistently delivers results for its strategic partners. By establishing in-depth relationships and successfully navigating an ever-changing environment, Coastal Dental provides thousands of people across the country with access to quality, affordable dental care – keeping true to its roots and Dr. Schroeder’s vision.

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